This year there were two relatively distant crossings (~ 350 km each) one and [two](/blog/post/otchet-o-plavanii -zaporozhe-herson-2019) and plenty of day-sailing outlets on the water.

Statistics for the year

  • Hours of operation of the electric motor - 130
  • Problems with the electrical part - was not (this is third year remains unchanged)
  • Generator operation, hours - 18
  • Spent gasoline, l - 18
  • Problems with the generator - two (with cooling and with oil)
  • Total energy spent, kW * h - 90
  • Energy is charged from the generator, kW * h - 36
  • Energy is charged from the solar panel, kW * h - 34
  • Energy from coastal outlets, kW * h - 20
  • Gasoline saved compared to benzo PLM (rough), l - 70-100
  • Maximum observed motor temperature, degrees Celsius - 80
  • The maximum observed battery temperature, degrees Celsius - 40
  • The maximum observed temperature of the engine controller, degrees Celsius - 70
  • Problems with valoliniya - two (flowing and vibration from the curved propeller shaft)

What I planned but did not succeed for various reasons (work, the team did not meet, etc.):

  • approach by boat to Adzhigolsky lighthouse Ajigol lighthouse
    Ajigol lighthouse
  • Come by boat to Dnipro Dnipro

What I like with EP at my boat?

  • Quiet engine
  • There is no binding to the outlet and the generator in the dayshipping mode (they are only needed in long-distance transitions), charging 90% of the sun when the boat is not used 5 days a week
  • Confidence that will always start and will not fail

What I dislike?

  • In the long passages of the solar panel is small, you need a smelly and noisy generator
  • I would like to finally fix the problem with the vibration of the wall line

Is I generally satisfied with the navigation? Very satisfied.